2018 Maccabi Games

The Dallas Maccabi Games are an awesome experience for Jewish teenagers from all over Texas. If your teen is between the ages of 13-18 and loves sports and socializing, then sign them up today! The 2017 games are… Read More


Rarely does one receive the opportunity to be a part of a movement that transforms the landscape of a community and impacts hundreds of people, particularly teenagers. In August of 2015, The Aaron Family JCC will proudly host the JCC Maccabi Games®.

This Olympic-style sporting competition held each summer in North America will thrust Dallas and the Aaron Family JCC on to the world stage. The JCC Maccabi Games® create a rare opportunity for making life- long friendships and connections among athletes as well as community members who participate in this event.

Hosting the Games is a huge endeavor. It requires the support of the Dallas business community, neighbors, and friends alike who generously become a sponsor, donate in-kind goods or services, and help support the Games.

The 2015 JCC Maccabi Games® will make an enormous impact on our community by bringing tourism dollars from the thousands of spectators and athletes who will be able to visit local restaurants, hotels, shops, colleges and tourist attractions.

We invite you to become a member of our team and join the other community partners who are helping Dallas shine during the 2015 JCC Maccabi Games®.

To learn more about becoming a Sponsor, please the JCC Maccabi Games® Coordinator.

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