Planning a cross-country move is exciting, especially if you are moving due to a new career opportunity or if you are simply moving to a location you have always loved. Before you begin moving your belongings and seeking out cross-country moving services, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you are capable of sticking to any moving budget you have set aside for the big day.

Calculate Cost of Living Expenses

Before heading to your new and final destination, calculate the cost of living in the city you are relocating to prior to your moving date. Calculating the cost of living in a new location is imperative to avoid feeling overwhelmed and incapable of maintaining your preferred lifestyle if you are caught off-guard. Once you have a clear and thorough idea of the cost of living of your moving destination, consider the size of the home or apartment that is best for you based on your income and spending habits.


Anytime you are moving across the country it is highly advisable to consider downsizing your furniture and personal belongings. Downsizing is a way to cut costs when shipping or manually transporting items you own while minimizing the stress of reorganizing belongings once you have arrived. Consider gifting furniture and personal belongings, selling them in a garage sale, or even listing them online using digital marketplaces and online selling communities. Downsizing is a great way to embrace the minimalist lifestyle while still allowing you the opportunity to move to your new home or apartment with the basics in tow.

Using a Moving Truck

If you are fond of driving or if you are only moving a few states over, consider renting a moving truck and hauling your furniture and personal belongings on your own. Always verify that moving truck services are available in your final destination to return the truck once you have arrived. Determine how you plan to transport any other vehicles you currently have in your name or if selling them is optimal (especially when relocating to areas that promote affordable public transportation).

Renting a Moving and Shipping Container

Renting a moving or shipping container is another way to relocate across the country, especially if you are unable or unwilling to use a moving truck to complete the job. Shipping and moving containers are more expensive than traditional moving trucks, but provide ample space for all of your household furniture and belongings (depending heavily on the number of items you are relocating). Renting a container is highly recommended if you are interested in transporting all of your furniture and household belongings without the possibility of downsizing.

Seek Out Moving Companies With Cross-Country Experience

Hiring a professional moving company that specializes in cross-country moves is another stress-fress solution to consider. Moving companies that have cross-country experience are licensed and insured, protecting your belongings in the case of theft, loss, or having items stolen throughout the move itself. Working with a professional moving company is a way to alleviate the stress of moving while ensuring all of your furniture and belongings arrive at your destination in proper shape.


Knowing how to properly prepare for an upcoming cross-country move is essential to prevent financial mishaps and unnecessary stress from arising. With the right preparation and planning, smooth the moving process without overextending yourself financially.