Packing made easy? While it may seem too good to be true, it is possible to make packing simple. With the right moving hacks, you’ll be able to speed through your packing process and keep stress away. Keep reading for the simplest packing tips to use during your next move.

1. Never Procrastinate

Mixing procrastination and packing is a recipe for disaster. It’s best to start packing months or several weeks in advance. Break up your packing by making it a point to pack up a few boxes every day.

The easiest way to start packing little by little is, to begin with, items you use the least. Pace yourself by going from room to room to box away from your belongings. During the final days before moving, you’ll find that you only have a few boxes left to finish.

2. Use Packing Labels

Whether you use printed labels or you write on your boxes, effective labeling will make a huge difference during your packing and unpacking process. As you pack each box, write a description of the box’s contents and what room the items belong in. Take your labeling to the next level by using different colored markers with different rooms. This will make it easier to sort through your boxes when you finally unload at your new home.

3. Don’t Pack the Wrong Things

When it’s time to prepare for moving, most of us think about getting our belongings into boxes as fast as possible. Few stop to think if all of the items should go into these boxes. While most of your belongings can likely be packed, there are a few things that movers and lawmakers consider hazardous. Keep track of the items that you shouldn’t pack to make sure you’re on the right side of the law.

4. Pack Heavy Items in Small Boxes

If you have extra space in a larger box, you may be tempted to fill it up with anything you can. While you should eliminate any empty space in your boxes, you should use lightweight items like bubble wrap or clothing rather than heavier items. The heaviest objects should always be packed in the smallest boxes, as they will be easier to lift this way.

Whether you’re moving these boxes yourself or you’re hiring movers, having boxes that are exceptionally heavy will increase the risk of injury. Avoid this possibility by doing all that you can to pack with safety in mind.

5. Hire a Moving Company

One of the best decisions that will guarantee a simple move is to hire a moving company. Moving companies are comprised of trained professionals that will be able to make quick work of packing, loading, and transporting your belongings to your new location. While it may be cheaper to do everything on your own, opting to go with a moving company will certainly save you time and energy.

Don’t lose your mind trying to get through the packing part of your moving prep. Keep these five tips in mind when getting ready for your next relocation.